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  1. Nyitány (Omega - Beethoven) |Overture|
  2. Égi vándor (Omega - Gábor Várszegi) |Skyrover|
  3. Léna (Omega - Gábor Várszegi) |Russian winter|
  4. Légy erős! (Omega - Gábor Várszegi) |The lost prophet|
  5. Metamorfózis I. (Omega - Péter Sülyi ) |Metamorphosis|
  6. Bíbor, hölgy (Omega - Gábor Várszegi) |Purple lady|
  7. Csillagok útján (Omega - Gábor Várszegi) |High on the starway|
  8. Metamorfózis II. (Omega - Péter Sülyi ) |The hope, the bread and the wine|
  9. Finálé (Omega - Beethoven) |Final|

Metamorfózis II. / The hope, the bread and the wine (Omega - Péter Sülyi )
As the sun is going down
Eyes reflect Its light
They we're waiting all around
On the plain of the night

Here comes the Savyor
Holding up the bread
He makes the healthy lie down
Prepares to feed the dead

Watch it break flakes of white
Falls and turns to brown
We can't find it anymore
Fear becomes o sound

Gives us wine we can't drink
Bread but not to eat
While water drifts through our hands
To stones around our feet

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